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Through Presbyterians Sharing, Presbyterians across Canada are sharing in a wide range of ministries.

We encourage and equip congregational renewal and development. We support inner city, native and refugee ministries. We send mission personnel and provide grants to support and accompany our international partners in leadership development, Bible translation, Christian education, theological education and evangelism. We support theological colleges, ministry candidates and new ministers. We equip congregations for Christian education, worship, evangelism, stewardship, youth ministry, leadership development and justice work. We host events which bring people from across Canada together to share experiences and learn new skills. And so much more!

Today is a day to celebrate the mission and ministry we are doing together in Canada and around the world, in the name of Christ. -Presbyterians Sharing is making a difference

The Fundraising Committee would like to thank all those who came out on June 28 and supported the BBQ. This was a real team effort as so many gave up their time and energy, as well as made food and cash donations. Indeed, this was a most enjoyable and fun occasion and we raised $1100 for the Children and Youth ministries.

As was announced last week, the Session has given approval for the congregation to plan some fund raising activities.  This has become necessary because of our budget shortfall.  To get things up and running, we need a small group of people to be our steering committee.  But we also need you, the congregation, to come forward with your ideas and a willingness to help out and be part of a team from time to time, depending on the project. This is a wonderful opportunity for us as a congregation to face this challenge.  So let’s do it!
Do you:

  1. want to hear more?
  2. want to provide suggestions?
  3. want to volunteer?

Please see Rosemarie or Bob I. or call them.

The Nyhof-Young family organized this donation effort on behalf of St. Andrew’s. Each Sunday in January, we collected donations including gently used clothing and toys, school supplies, vitamins, non-perishable food, and cash donations to purchase food supplies, food supplements, baby formula and to cover shipping expenses.

In May 2015, a local mission group previously supported by St. Andrew’s will travel again to Su-Ay, Bacolod Philippines to provide medical care and support. We at St. Andrew’s have been asked to provide donations to support the Sto. Nino Orphanage. The orphanage was established in the early 2000’s and is run by the Blessed Virgin Missionaries of Carmel. The co-ed facility houses about 30 children ranging in age from less than a year to 12 years old. These children have been abandoned by their parents or come from families experiencing problems. Often, when these parents recover, the kids are reunited with the parents. If not, when the kids reach their teens, they graduate to the Girls’ or Boys’ Home.

At least 70% of the people who regularly go to bed hungry are farmers in developing countries. While it may be surprising, it is often the people who produce food that do not have enough to eat. Climate change means higher temperatures, drought, parched crops and flooding.

For many people, it also means more hunger. PWS&D and Canadian Foodgrains Bank are teaching farmers strategies to adapt to climate change and grow more food. We also work to end global hunger by influencing public policies. Join the Harvest of Letters campaign and write a letter to your MPs urging the Canadian government to provide support to vulnerable populations dealing with climate change. To learn more, visit WeRespond.ca.

UPDATE DEC. 2012: We have been advised by Evangel Hall that there is a severe shortage of many items that they give out to the homeless and less fortunate members of society. In other words, their cupboards are nearly bare. Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas, the Mission Committee is making an urgent appeal to the congregation of St. Andrew’s.

In addition to food stuff, such as canned goods, pastas, cereals, baby food, etc. we are encouraging the donation of toiletries and items of clothing; i.e. toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap, shampoos, socks, underwear, etc. Cash donations would also be helpful. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and will undoubtedly bring some Christmas cheer to the needy in downtown Toronto. During our December 2012 worship services the donated items will be carried forward to the front during the offering as a sign of our giving back to God.

On the last Sunday of each month our Mission Committee is responsible for delivering foodstuffs and personal items to Evangel Hall, a Presbyterian mission serving homeless, socially isolated, marginalized and impoverished men and women in the downtown core.

A complete listing of appreciated items are placed on the Bulletin Boards throughout the church.  If you are able, your donations can be brought to the church on any Sunday.

Another special Donation for Sahel, Africa will take place this Fall 2012.  Previously, we raised nearly $1,000 in response to this food crisis.  In the Sahel – a sub-Sahara region that stretches across Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea -  drought, food shortages, malnutrition and rising food prices continue to affect more than 18 million people.  Presbyterian World Service & Development is already responding to urgent needs for food in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  To date, $9.7 million has been committed to projects in Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali, reaching over 257,000 people.  The federal government of Canada will match donations up until September 30, 2012. 

For the month of September 2012 envelopes will be enclosed with the church Bulletin.  If you would like to contribute to this very worthy cause, please print your name, envelope number and amount contributed on the envelope.  In order to get the matching grant from the government, this information is required.  Tax receipts will also be sent to you.  There is some urgency as all donations and information have to be forwarded to Presbyterian World Service and Development by September 30, 2012.

On Sunday, May 13, 2012 we had a special offering for the Sahel Food Crisis. Thanks to your generous spirits and stirred hearts, we were able to raise close to $800 which will be sent to The Presbyterian World Service and Development, the relief and development agency of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

As an initial response, Presbyterian World Service & Development is working with Canadian Foodgrains Bank to provide food distributions, emergency seed packs, tree sapling and training in order to alleviate hunger, restore livelihoods and create food security. Your support is urgently needed to ensure aid is available to those in need.

In 2011, our church introduced PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) program. Instead of putting money or a cheque in an offering envelope on Sundays, PAR allows you to arrange for your church offering to be debited automatically from your bank account once a month. PAR is not only a convenient way to give to the church, but it allows the church to budget for the future with greater predictability.

We had 12 people sign up for PAR last year. We would like to encourage you to consider signing up. If you have any questions, please contact our PAR coordinator Neila D.

We are happy to announce that we have received donations approaching $1,000 to support SOYAT (Somali Youth Association of Toronto) and their 9th annual Youth Recognition Awards dinner on February 24, 2012.

This dinner recognizes the academic, athletic, and community achievements of youth within the Toronto Somali community.  This will allow us to sponsor two tables at the Awards dinner, allowing several youth and their families to attend at no charge. In addition, our church’s name will be displayed at the table as a sponsor.

Thank you for responding generously to the famine in Somalia. We raised over $2,700 which will be sent to Presbyterian World Service and Development and matched by the federal government. PWS&D is working in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank to support the people of Eastern Africa as they suffer from the worst drought to hit the region in 60 years.  The World Food Program estimates at least 10 million people in the region will now require food assistance following two years of prolonged drought.  

You can still make an online donation by visiting the PWS&D website. Please remember to indicate that you would like your online donation to be used for East African Famine Relief.

The Mission Committee would like to thank all who participated in the “Christmas Hamper” program. In addition to the non-perishable food, over $2,000 was donated by the congregation. This money will go towards purchasing groceries and toys for over 20 families from our surrounding community who are in need of assistance. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Special thanks is extended to the Mighty 4th Scouting group for donating several boxes of food. Much gratitude is expressed to those who shopped, packed and delivered the hampers. Over 20 hampers were distributed!

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake—one of the more powerful earthquakes ever recorded—hit Chile on February 27, 2010, followed by at least six strong aftershocks over 6.0 magnitude.  The Action by Churches Together Alliance (ACT) is working with the Chilean government to assess the situation and determine the best response. Presbyterian World Service & Development is a member of the ACT Alliance and is accepting donations for this disaster.  You  may donate through St. Andrew’s. (make the cheque out to St. Andrew’s.  Clearly mark on the cheque that it s for PWS&D for the earthquake in Chile).

Our LOONIE/TOONIE drive during Lent has concluded. We are pleased to announce that we raised over $300 thanks to your generous giving. These funds will go towards purchasing Tim Horton’s gift cards and TTC tokens for people who drop in our church in need of assistance. Thank you for your support over the past 6 weeks.

We are pleased to announce that we topped the $3,000. mark for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti through the special offering collected on January 17th and 24th, 2010. The funds have been forwarded to PWS&D (Presbyterian World Service and Development). Thank you for your generosity in this time of need.  If there are some people who have not had the opportunity to donate and wish to do so, would you please give your donation by Sunday, February 7th in order to have the church’s donation matched by the Government.

The Finance and Operations Committee is planning to embark on repairs to various areas of our church facility. We would like to leverage the talents within our congregation before seeking for outside help both for advice and the execution of the work.

If you have knowledge or experience in building maintenance, please contact: Richard Bosompem at (rbosompem [at] rogers.com). Thanks for your willingness to partner with us in the Lord’s work.

During the past year St. Andrew’s joined with other churches and organizations to collect pull tabs from pop cans and aluminum pie plates to raise funds for wheelchairs and other equipment for Humber River Regional Hospital. As of mid November the Volunteer Association at H.R.R.H. had collected over 1,000 pounds of the aluminum items and received $528.12 for their aluminum recovery project. Thanks for your continuing efforts.

The Living Memorial Fund was established by the Session in 1959 and is intended to provide a means by which those seeking to honour the memory of loved ones could so so by giving a financial gift to St. Andrew’s. These monies are used specifically to “enhance the ministry of the congregation” and not used to meet regular operating expenses of the church.  We are grateful to the following people for giving donations to the Living Memorial Fund during the months of December 2009 and January 2010 in memory of Mary Air, Alex Webster, John Partlo and Arthur Cutler:  Marj Davies, Jean Parsonage, Barry, Linda & Cheryl Rodgers, Margaret Stephenson, George & Ella Webster, Don & Anne Moffatt, Jessie Welch, Ewen MacMaster, Janette Slater, Irma Chant, Terry & Marilyn Vango, Tim & Karen Welch, Dennis & Annette Jones, Susan Cutler and John Cutler.

We would like to thank the following people who assisted in the preparation and serving of lunches and dinners to the homeless and needy on April 3rd at All Saints’ Anglican Church.  Approximately 130 dinners and 60 lunches were provided to 107 guests plus helpers from both St. Andrew’s and the Out of the Cold volunteers. 

The following gave several hours of their time:  Linda Bleue, Norma Copeman, Neila Darchiville, Grace Davis, Laura Gouk, Sarah Hastie, Margaret Henderson, Monica Hope, Bob Inglis, Rosemarie Inglis, Jackie Lawrence, Don Moffatt, Jeanette Persaud and Milton Persaud.  We would also like to thank Charlie Millar for providing several pies.  His generosity is appreciated.

UPDATE: The Ministry Committee wishes to thank all who have generously donated TIME, FOOD and MONETARY GIFTS over the past year. These funds will enable the committee to provide nutritious food for upcoming Community Lunches.

St. Andrew’s and St. Philip’s Anglican Church have teamed up to provide a free monthly luncheon on the last Friday of each month. These lunches serve to bring people from the surrounding neigbourhood together to share some good food, conversation, and genuine community. St. Andrew’s provides sandwiches, fruit and water and we are always looking for volunteers in the congregation to help make sandwiches. Other donations or assistance would be welcomed. The luncheons take place at St. Philip’s Parish Hall on Dixon Road from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

These lunches serve to bring people from the surrounding neigbourhood together to share some good food, conversation, and genuine community. If you would like to help out, please contact Bob Inglis or Grace Davis.

DECEMBER 2011: Just over 3 years ago, Farah Naz and her daughter, Husnia, and son, Mehdi, arrived in Toronto from Pakistan as part of a joint refugee sponsorship project between our church, St. Philip’s, and St. Timothy. Together, we opened up our hearts and used our limited resources in a way that forever changed the lives of a widowed mother and her young children.

We are happy to report that Farah Naz is still attending English class everyday and working in a restaurant in the evenings. In between her class and work, she takes care of her children upon their return from school. Both Husnia and Mehdi are completely fluent in English. She passed along a message that Hussnia and Mehdi are missing all those people who used to visit them and asked me to say hello to everyone.

JANUARY 2009: The Refugee Sponsorship Committee is pleased to advise that our refugee sponsorship objective has been met.  As of December 31, 2008 $10,013.45 had been raised by way of donations and various events.  Thanks  to all who took part in this wonderful ministry.

SEPTEMBER 2008: Our refugee family has been settling in nicely. Milton accompanied the family to several government offices and helped with the application process. Team members from other churches have also been involved in helping the family feel at home. The children have begun school and the mother has enrolled in ESL classes. We have raised approximately $8,500. We're less than $1,500 away from our goal of $10,000. If people are interested in giving, they should speak to Bob Inglis or Milton.

UPDATE 2007 : In the Spring of 2007 our mission project was for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Our contribution of $3,000. was included with money raised from two other churches, Bethesda Lutheran in Unionville and St. John’s United in Oakville for a total of $26,075. The Canadian Government matched our contribution on a ratio of 4:1 giving a total of $130,375.!!

In many areas of Africa where the Canadian Foodgrains Bank directs its money, $100 feeds a family of 5 for three months. The $130,375. will feed 1303 families for three months. Amazing!!

Tremendous appreciation is extended to all who contributed financially to the project, Tom Young and the Mission Committee.

Outside the sanctuary, on a lectern, is a sheet of paper where people can write down prayer requests for: the world, the sick, those in any other need or trouble, in thanksgiving for. Each week a new sheet of paper will be placed on the lectern. We encourage people to write down their prayer requests, to check this sheet each week and to pray for the people or situations listed.

Every second month our Ministry Committee is responsible for conducting the Worship Service for the clients of West Park Health Centre . For many, many years our church has been involved in this important ministry.


















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